Monday, October 15, 2007

I must be going through a mid life crisis or something. Or maybe its my horoscope:

From Horizons, Virgo:

This is a time of major transformations on every level of your life. Change is equal to a sort of death, not your own but a change in the way your life used to be. Just because things are different does not mean that somehow everything is ruined, that is not the case. When you let go of the control and the fear of not having control, you will be transformed.

Kind of a scary horoscope, but pretty right on for my life right now. Maybe this is why I bought a hair straightner (I actually bought it before I read the horoscope), and why I have an appt with some famous makeup artist person at Lancome tomorrow. Maybe its also why I went to an herbal store this week, my first visit(to that store), and why I feel the need to seek spiritual advisement. I also feel the need to diet, and eat healthier again. That's hard to do when you are busy all the time, but I am going to try (again).

Hope this message finds you all well. My painting has been at a standstill lately. I am exhausted, most of the time. I will try to resume as soon as possible.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Today's Answer

A beautiful bird from the Brevard zoo. I have so many good shots its hard to chose one. I'm trying to do about one new one a day. I also have an awesome jaguar clip that I'm going to post at some point.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Today's Guess

I think this one will be a bit easier to guess...

Yesterday's answer is...Rhino skin. I started taking close ups so that if I ever get to paint again, I can get the texture right. This Rhino was very cooperative, it was a long way off and I started talking to it and it came right up. That was a very cool feeling.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Can you guess this one?

I'm going to be focusing on my photography for the time being as its a medium that I also love, and its honestly quicker than painting. Thank goodness for digital photography, because between my daughter and I we took 470 photos this weekend. Here's another interesting can you guess photo...

Did you guess?

Its an upclose shot of a beautiful bromeliad that was blooming in my yard, and that at some point if I ever find time again, I'm going to paint.

Friday, September 28, 2007

New Medium

I'm working in a new medium today.
I love the triangulation of this piece, and the fact that it alludes to the pyramids. The softness of the swirls of colors also speaks to some part of my soul.

Actually, its the beginning of the Hairclub for Dogs charity. Not only is Angel a member, but she is the President! If you know any dogs in need of hair replacement therapy, please let us know.

Okay, in all truthfulness it was so hot in Florida today that one of my dogs spontaniously combusted and all that was left was this pile of fluff. Please make sure if you live in Florida that your dogs do not overheat.

(I bought a Furminator.) Its seems to work really well. If you live near me, I'll furminate your dog too for $20. It seems to take about an hour to do a really good job of it, for medium to large size dogs. Not trying to drum up work, just offering in case anyone is interested.
(ps...hope this brings a smile before the weekend.)

Can you guess what this is?

Can you guess what this is? Post your responses and I will tell in the next day or so what it really is.
ps. I took the photo, that's hint number 1.

pss. I love the abstractness of this photo, and it doesn't hurt that both of my fav colors are there, too.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So who am I, really?

Before I can find my "voice" or what I want to say to the world through my art, writing, and photography, I suppose I have to know myself. I tend to think of myself as a sort of Bohemian Gypsy-type. I come by this naturally, as one of my great great grandmothers WAS, according to my family tree, a bohemian gypsy (on my mother's side).

From the website about what is Bohemian? "in spite of this, the Bohemians and the Gypsies, in the most prevalent perceptions of both, shared some characteristics. Both groups are known for their vagabond lifestyle, for their merry poverty, for their disregard of money for the pursuit of music, color, and relationships."

Also, "Author Honore de Balzac wrote "This word 'boheme' is self-explanatory. Bohemia possesses nothing, yet contrives to exist on that nothing. Its religion is hope; its code, faith in itself; its income, in so far that it appears to have one, charity."

Like the gypsies, or Romany, I believe in the mystical. I believe in magic. I believe in spiritual connections. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Like the Bohemians, I believe in art. I pour my soul out onto every sheet of paper I paint. When I am down, depressed, torn apart, happy, content, experimental, all of those feelings end up as brush strokes.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Huh...the website didn't show up...its
There are lots of other good words of wisdom there too.

Inspiring Quote

I was browsing the web and found this site. This is an excerpt from a book From "I Am A Woman Finding My Voice" by Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN. I hope she doesn't mind me quoting it, but it so says what I am feeling and experiencing. I am so used to taking care of those around me that I don't even know my own voice anymore, or dreams. When I look inside I find emptiness.

"Did I first lose my voice when I learned not to cry too loud or make too much noise so I didn't wake up daddy? Or was it when I learned that talking in church was a sin (unless it was to a priest). Was it the first time I didn't say what was inside of me because I didn't want to make someone mad, or was it the first time that I said what wasn't true because I didn't want to hurt someone's feelings? No matter now. Now, I am finding my voice! I am laughing, screaming, crying and cooing! I am making delighted sounds and angry sounds. I growl and moan, and I sing and chant! I offer soft and sweet words of comfort or passion and I speak loud, clear words of outrage and opposition. I am making holy noise and I am keeping holy, holy silence. Finding my voice means that I claim my freedom to express myself. It means that I speak only what is true for me, and that I will never be silenced again. I am a woman finding my voice!"

I found this on this website

Again, I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it with you.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today's Work

I've spent hours on this pic and another one (the same except kenzie is backwards and I'm treating the background differently. I am very happy with its progress except for her eye. I can't seem to get that the way I want it. If anyone has suggestions, please speak up. Otherwise, I'll keep plugging at it until either I ruin it or it comes out the way I want.... :-P I know her hair needs to come darker, but I hate to do it...I love the glow of it now. And I still need to work on the water in the foreground. The background water is much deeper in color than in the picture, but I like the contrast with Kenzie, and plus, I am a deep person(smile). This pic reminds me of how small we are in comparison to the planet, she looks so tiny in front of the huge ocean. In reality, she was originally drawn on 12 x 18 paper and took up the whole sheet. I then transferred that to the 22 x 30 sheet. You can't really see all of it in the picture, but this painting has a lot of texture, especially in the shallow water by Kenzie's feet. I love the texture, and will continue to experiment with it in other pictures.
Any suggestions for a title?
I thought "On the Rocks" because she was standing on the rocks in the shallow water at the beach near my house, but my daughter didn't like that suggestion. Maybe something about what I mentioned earlier? How small we are....hmmmm. Thank you for following me on my journey to find my voice...I hope this finds you all well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

By The Way....

In case you don't know me personally, I am a tall girl. :-)

Digital Fun

I haven't had much time to paint this week with my work schedule,so with the only creative energy I have I have been building my tshirt "shop". Even if I never sell a shirt, at least I will always be creatively outfitted! I love coming up with different ideas, and it hits a creative spot in my brain that hasn't been used in awhile. This is my fav one from today, hope you like it too. I will be painting tomorrow (my only day off)to finish that pic of my niece at the beach. It has to be submitted for the contest before the 16th I think, so not much time left.

After that I will be working on a bobcat pic for another contest here locally.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Daniel Smith Watercolors

I ordered the Daniel Smith catalog a few weeks ago to see what they have to offer. A couple of days ago I got a "package" in the mail from them. They were kind enough to send me a card with a bunch of their colors on it to try. They are tiny little dots, but I played with them on the card, and I might even get ambitious enough to make a tiny painting out of them. I definately think they are high quality stuff. I can't wait to have enough extra money to order the quinacridones and their new colors made from semiprecious materials. I somewhat believe in the "powers" of semiprecious stones, feng shui, and all that jazz, so maybe if I incorporate it into my paintings it will bring good luck for both the painter and the buyer? Who knows...but I can't wait to experiment with them. I hope all my loyal readers have a wonderful weekend. I have to work two 9 hour shifts this weekend, so not sure how much I'll be online.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Come see!

Support This Site

This is very new...will be adding products/images so please check back! I ordered one...for work...I'll let you know how it comes out!

New Picture Added

Taking a hint from a friend, Tshirts and other goodies will be available soon! Keep checking! Even if I don't post everyday, things are in the works! I hope you like this pic, I did it awhile ago in watercolor and colored pencil. Available for sale, or prints available if interested. Drop me a line.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is how far I have come as of today. I'd say it's probably half done. I still need to adjust the colors on Kenzie, and paint her features. I also need to remove the mask and adjust the whites to not be just white and "raw". I will get a better picture of it when it's finished so you can see the textures in it.
This is the bare beginning of my painting of my niece. You can tell its still wet here. Plus, I used a lot of masking, which I normally don't use, but I want this piece to have a lot of texture. I also used ARches rough watercolor paper, another first for me. It's 22 x 30.
I haven't had time to post the past few days with 2 jobs, and cleaning the house for a birthday party, but I have been painting. These are some of the new paints I got for my birthday (Thank you Dad and Carol). I am already using them!

Monday, August 20, 2007

The first Sketch 12 x 18

This is what I'm working on presently. I do a "rough" sketch on drawing paper with a #2 pencil. I feel out the shapes, both light and dark, and outline them. I tend to always draw this way. When I am happy with the sketch, I'm going to transfer it to 22 x 30 watercolor paper, using a very old fashioned method. (I trace the lines on the back of the paper, and then place it carefully on the watercolor paper. I then go back over the lines on the front of the paper and voila! I can start painting.)
This picture is of my niece, Kenzie, at the beach. I know you can't tell that now, but by the time its finished you should be able too! This is for a figure painting contest due in Sept, so I probably won't have much time for the smaller pictures till I get this one done. Did I mention that I got a part time job and that my nieces are back for the school year, so I will be a very busy bee.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Global Warming 9 x 15

Today's image...I was not in the mood to paint a "pretty" picture last I used the mood to paint a subject and give it a meaning close to my heart. I guess its my political piece of the week! I will probably keep working on it a bit, possibly change some things, but here it is for now. $99.00 plus $8.00 shipping and handling.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Florida Still Life 15 x 18

This one wasn't a one day painting either, but I worked on it today, so its my painting for today. Its for a local contest. Think positive thoughts for me that it wins!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moto Bello, 18 x 23

This one was definately NOT created in one day. It took me weeks of layering color on color to get this far. The original is not for sale, but prints are for sale, just click on the link for prints on the home page of my blog.

Fingerpaints 9 x 15

$99.00 plus $8.00 shipping and handling.

This one started because I wanted to be able to incorporate many of the colors on my palette, and I was in a playful mood and not of a mind to lay it out straight. I have had the idea of "finger paints" bouncing around in my head for awhile, and decided to put the idea on paper. I will probably make a more serious study of this subject for a future painting.

Orchids at Night, 9 x 15

$99.00 plus $8.00 shipping and handling.