Friday, September 28, 2007

New Medium

I'm working in a new medium today.
I love the triangulation of this piece, and the fact that it alludes to the pyramids. The softness of the swirls of colors also speaks to some part of my soul.

Actually, its the beginning of the Hairclub for Dogs charity. Not only is Angel a member, but she is the President! If you know any dogs in need of hair replacement therapy, please let us know.

Okay, in all truthfulness it was so hot in Florida today that one of my dogs spontaniously combusted and all that was left was this pile of fluff. Please make sure if you live in Florida that your dogs do not overheat.

(I bought a Furminator.) Its seems to work really well. If you live near me, I'll furminate your dog too for $20. It seems to take about an hour to do a really good job of it, for medium to large size dogs. Not trying to drum up work, just offering in case anyone is interested.
(ps...hope this brings a smile before the weekend.)

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