Saturday, September 8, 2007

Daniel Smith Watercolors

I ordered the Daniel Smith catalog a few weeks ago to see what they have to offer. A couple of days ago I got a "package" in the mail from them. They were kind enough to send me a card with a bunch of their colors on it to try. They are tiny little dots, but I played with them on the card, and I might even get ambitious enough to make a tiny painting out of them. I definately think they are high quality stuff. I can't wait to have enough extra money to order the quinacridones and their new colors made from semiprecious materials. I somewhat believe in the "powers" of semiprecious stones, feng shui, and all that jazz, so maybe if I incorporate it into my paintings it will bring good luck for both the painter and the buyer? Who knows...but I can't wait to experiment with them. I hope all my loyal readers have a wonderful weekend. I have to work two 9 hour shifts this weekend, so not sure how much I'll be online.

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