Sunday, September 16, 2007

So who am I, really?

Before I can find my "voice" or what I want to say to the world through my art, writing, and photography, I suppose I have to know myself. I tend to think of myself as a sort of Bohemian Gypsy-type. I come by this naturally, as one of my great great grandmothers WAS, according to my family tree, a bohemian gypsy (on my mother's side).

From the website about what is Bohemian? "in spite of this, the Bohemians and the Gypsies, in the most prevalent perceptions of both, shared some characteristics. Both groups are known for their vagabond lifestyle, for their merry poverty, for their disregard of money for the pursuit of music, color, and relationships."

Also, "Author Honore de Balzac wrote "This word 'boheme' is self-explanatory. Bohemia possesses nothing, yet contrives to exist on that nothing. Its religion is hope; its code, faith in itself; its income, in so far that it appears to have one, charity."

Like the gypsies, or Romany, I believe in the mystical. I believe in magic. I believe in spiritual connections. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Like the Bohemians, I believe in art. I pour my soul out onto every sheet of paper I paint. When I am down, depressed, torn apart, happy, content, experimental, all of those feelings end up as brush strokes.

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