Monday, August 20, 2007

The first Sketch 12 x 18

This is what I'm working on presently. I do a "rough" sketch on drawing paper with a #2 pencil. I feel out the shapes, both light and dark, and outline them. I tend to always draw this way. When I am happy with the sketch, I'm going to transfer it to 22 x 30 watercolor paper, using a very old fashioned method. (I trace the lines on the back of the paper, and then place it carefully on the watercolor paper. I then go back over the lines on the front of the paper and voila! I can start painting.)
This picture is of my niece, Kenzie, at the beach. I know you can't tell that now, but by the time its finished you should be able too! This is for a figure painting contest due in Sept, so I probably won't have much time for the smaller pictures till I get this one done. Did I mention that I got a part time job and that my nieces are back for the school year, so I will be a very busy bee.

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