Saturday, May 2, 2009

Karma and the Lizard Painting

Ok. So I have been watercoloring lizards all week. On paper. Trying to get what I want to come out on paper. This morning I was out on my porch drinking coffee trying to wake up when i saw something white wiggling on a brown sea grape leaf on the ground. I walked closer and saw this. A painted lizard. It must be Karma?
So I spent all morning with a bottle of massage oil (all natural of course) trying to help this guy get the paint off. I am probably the only nut that would spend a whole morning doing this but I felt so bad for him. He even had paint just about covering one eye.
So now he is no worse for wear, just a little greasy. I have a little more to go to get the paint off his feet and tail, but the majority is gone.

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